RM39: HEGF Wrinkle Eraser

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RM39: HEGF Wrinkle Eraser

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You will see the wrinkles or fine lines becomes lighter and the eye bags / dark circle will lighten after about 15 minutes for each eye using this pen for the first time.


What You Get:

RM39.00 worth RM89.00

  • HEGF Wrinkle Eraser


Product Benefits:

Remove or minimize fishtail

Effectively removes eye bad and puffiness

Lighten eye dark circles

Erase wrinkle, tightening and firming your eyes

Delay formation of new wrinkle 


How It Works:

The Wrinkle Eraser is a system for reducing wrinkles on human skin by utilizing an electrode to conduct a microcurrent through the surface of the wrinkle into the underlying dermal layer. In the meanwhile, it adopts latest Bio-mimetic technology, which imitates the brain photon wave energy to secrete the coenzyme, thus accelerating the synthetic ability of collagen and HEGF ( the growth factor of human epidermis), repairing the elasticity support structure to make depth wrinkle smooth gradually and also prevent new wrinkles



  1. Washing the surface of the wrinkle and the areas around, apply a light coating of a conducting cream or eye essence along the length of the wrinkles
  2. Holding the device in one clean, bare hand, making sure the conductive pads of wave energy on both sides take good contact with the skin of the bare hand
  3. While looking in a mirror, lightly press the functionary electrode of wave energy to one end of the surface of the wrinkle. Then the LED will blink and buzzer will beep. Slowly move the electrode along the full length of the wrinkle surface (generally from inner to outer), applying light pressure and maintain constant contact with the skin. Focus on one point for 15 to 20 seconds. The distance between two adjacent points is suggested to be one centimeter. At least 4 passes over the wrinkle should be made.


A proposed course of treatment for a light facial wrinkle would consist of performing the steps listed above every two or three days for 2 to 3 weeks. If the desired reduction in the wrinkle is achieved, please reduce the frequency of the treatment to once or twice a week. It is necessary to continue this abbreviated maintenance schedule of treatment or the wrinkle will return if the wrinkle is not reducing in size.


Product Specifications:

Voltage: DC-6V, operated by one AAA battery

Output cycle: 7.5Hz

Output pressure: 12V (peak to peak value)

Product size: 17 x 2.5 x 1.7 cm

One button operated for power and strength condition

3 options of high, medium and low wave length energy with indication light

Built-in buzzer indicating effective working

Conductive pads of wave energy on both sides of massager, convenient for hand grasp, which works as circulation conductor.

Smart pen appearance, very fashionable and convenient to carry anywhere / anytime


Terms & Conditions:

  • Delivery within 7 days from purchase.
  • Delivery only (No self collection available)
  • Free Delivery within Pen. Malaysia
  • Unlimited purchase
  • Pictures are for reference only
  • Warranty: 30 days


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Terms & Conditions:

  • Delivery within 7 days from purchase.
  • Delivery only (No self collection available)
  • Free Delivery within Pen. Malaysia
  • Unlimited purchase
  • Pictures are for reference only
  • Warranty: 30 days

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For any enquiries:

Call: 03-7773 1323, 03-7773 1723

Email: customerservice@easydeal.com.my